Reseller Brainstorm

Reseller Brainstorm – How to MAKE money with Resell Rights

Backdoor Price $37 – Save $60

Resell rights are a great way to start an online business – When you start out you probably dont have a product & no idea how to sell it even if you did.

Simon Hodgkinson “the guru of resell rights” now shares his techniques in Reseller Brainstorm.

Learn how Simon has made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling resell right products that are easy to acwire for a fraction of their value!

Don’t just take Simons word for it follow his case studies of example sites that make him tens of thousands of dollars.

Copy Simons techniques & you can make a very comfortable living online!

Here’s Just Some Of The Information You’ll Discover…

  • A Complete Case Study Of How Simon Turned One $20 Ebook Into A $40,000 Mega Site (You Even Get Access To The Site Itself)
  • How To Create Multiple Residual Income Streams And Gain Massive Exposure For Your Business By Simply Giving Away The Right Kind Of Freebies (Conservatively This One Tactic Has Brought In Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars)
  • How To Sell The Same Products As Everyone Else Yet Still Kill Your Competition On Sales (Even If Your Charging More Than Them)
  • The 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself That Will Make You A Superstar In Your Marketplace (This One Tactic Alone, Has Generated A List Of Over 25,000 Subscribers In One Sub Business Of Simon’s Company).
  • The Alternative Place To Sell Your Products For Triple The Price (You’ll Be Surprised At How Easy This Tactic Is To Implement)
  • 7 Of The Most Common Types Of ‘Rights’ Products Available (And How Avoid Common Mistakes That Could Land You In Trouble)
  • 6 Alternate Methods Of Using And Selling ‘Rights’ Products (Discover The 3 Most Profitable)
  • A Complete Case Study That Reveals How Simon Transformed A Product That Other Marketers Were Effectively ‘Giving-Away’ And Turned It Into A $25,000 Best Seller.
  • 6 Money Making Principles If You Plan To Just Buy And Sell Resell Rights.
  • The Six Critical Steps To Selling Niche Products Direct To ‘End Users’ (And The Question To Ask When Selling In This Way That’ll Deliver Best Results)
  • A Dirt Simple Way To Transform Ordinary (Even Old) Rights Products Into Best Selling New Products
  • How To Set Yourself Apart From All The Other Resellers And How To Avoid A Common Sales Copy Mistake That’ll Kill Your Sales Deal
  • Simons Easy To Implement Tactic That Will Enable You To Completely Change The Appearance Of Reseller Products In 20 Minutes Or Less.
  • Creating Membership Sites – Get Simon’s Six Key Profit Multipliers (You’ll Learn How To Increase Signups And Keep Members Paying More And Longer) You’ll Also Hear About One Of The Biggest Membership Site Killers And How To Avoid It.
  • How To Turn Ordinary (and yes BORING) PLR Content Into Hot Sizzling Products
  • 6 Sure-Fire Ways To Make More Money With Private Label Rights
  • Simple Tactics To Increase Affiliate And JV Sales
  • The Critical Difference Between Poor Selling Packages And Hot Collections That Sell
  • A Guaranteed PLR ‘Power Tactic’ To Explode Conversion Rates And Bring In More Sales
  • How Quickly And Easily Maximize Your Profits With Any PLR Product
  • 6 Critical Success Factors To Implement When Creating Your Own Resell / PLR Products
  • The Components You Need To Include With Your Products To Get Repeat Customers
  • Discover Simon’s Simple Plan That Could Turn Half A Dozen PLR Products Into A Series Of Membership Sites Bringing In $500,000 A Year!
  • How To Turn Any One Product Into Two Products Plus A Easy Trick To Explode Your ‘Backend Sales’
  • How To Avoid ‘Link-Death’ In Your Products To Keep Affiliate Income And Extra Sales Coming In.
  • Discover Where To Place ‘Links’ Inside Your Products For Maximum Clicks
  • An Amazing Tip To Earn Extra Cash From Your ‘Thank You’ Pages
  • Simple Pricing Tactics To Guarantee You The Most Profit From Any Product You Sell (Simon’s Example Explains How You Could Be Losing Over A Third Of Your Potential Earnings Right Now)
  • The Key To Product Creation That Will Have Your Customers Emailing You For More Of The Same. (Understanding This One Principal Will Make You Rich For Life)
  • A Complete List Of Simon’s Money Making Tools And Resources You Need To Own To Maximize Your Income.

Plus Much More

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