CB Niche Builder

Find Out How YOU Can Quickly And Easily Discover High Profit Affiliate Products In The ClickBank.com Marketplace And Build Instant Niche Sites.

Backdoor Price $27 – Save $30

CB Niche Builder Software Tool

With user-friendly CB Niche Builder software tool, you can:

  • Instantly find high profit niches by gaining world view access to the ClickBank.com marketplace!
  • Quickly and easily create high converting affiliate niche websites with your affiliate links embedded in without any HTML, programming or designing knowledge required!
  • Customize your Affiliate websites by using your own HTML template. Add affiliate links anywhere on your pages using an easy to use token.
  • Rank your niche sites high in major Search Engines results for keywords that sell! Leverage on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your targeted prospects clicking!
  • Discover and eliminate non-rewarding niches and ClickBank.com affiliate programs that pay less than $20.00!
  • Save tons of time, effort and money on profitable Niche Marketing research because my software tool will give you Heaven’s view at all the products and affiliate programs within the ClickBank.com marketplace!
  • Prevention from having some of your rightful affiliate commissions stolen using my unique Affiliate Cloaking Website Generator!
  • Focus on profitable, high paying niches and affiliate programs. You no longer have to wait several weeks or even months to find out if you are in the wrong niche or not!
  • Immediately discover great merchant products with good sales history and records! It makes sense anyway, because something is already proven to work, you may as well join an affiliate program that already sells.
  • Focus both on passive and direct response Affiliate Marketing. like if you focus on direct response, you can make the affiliate links open in a new window so users don’t leave your site!
  • Learn Exactly How to Drive Traffic to your web pages using FREE SEO Techniques and how to effectively combine these techniques to increase your Affiliate Marketing Income.
  • Windows Desktop Software supports Windows 98 and above!

Get answers to your technical questions about how to use the software quickly.

There are several Flash Tutorials on different topics that will teach you step by step how to use the CBNicheBuilder effectively.

Backdoor Price $27 Save $30 on CB Niche Builder

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